Mondayitis...cured by books!

I'm sure you know what I mean when I say "Monday-itis" - the day when you have so much to do and no motivation to do it. It's now closing in on 4pm and I have done nothing of use today. I went out with my sister (face time with my nephew and niece are so important!). I got home to find two parcels: one from my girl Jane Davenport (read my blog post about here here) and one from Amazon. 

Yes, more books. There really can never be enough books!

Artists Journal Workshop by Cathy Johnson has been on my wishlist since Amazon first listed it several months ago. I adore Cathy's work and KNEW this book had to belong to me. When it became available, I ordered it immediately. I cannot wait to DEVOUR it.


Drawn In edited by Julia Rothman is another book which looks into the personal sketchbooks of 44 artists, including the amazing Rothman herself and one of my other favourites, Mike Perry. I think looking at other people's sketchbooks is about the most motivating, inspiring thing I can do when I am feeling a bit artistically lost - it immediately sends me into artistic overdrive. I've been hanging out for this one to arrive.


Mile Markers is by Kristin "Kik" Armstrong (yes, the former wife of my man Lance) about running. Kik has a regular column in Runners World magazine (which I get digital subscription to) and is a fantastic motivator about running, why we do it and how it is healthy for the mind, body and soul. 

Hoping these titles will get me up and moving - so much work to finish! Does anyone else have these books? What have you thought?