Vienna: Art & Design

Today I went on an impulsive excursion into the city. Michael decided to go to the footy and, instead of going to that, I decided I'd drive him in and then go to the National Gallery of Victoria to see the 2011 Winter Masterpieces exhibit called Vienna: Art & Design. It only opened last week so I'll have the chance to go back - and I probably will!

This incredible exhibit is the first time many of the pieces have left the Belvedere Gallery in Vienna so we're very lucky. It apparently took NGV five years to negotiate it! I am (like so many) a huge Gustav Klimt fan - he's the only artist whose work can (and does) make me physically and demonstrably emotional. His use of colour is sublime. I've seen several of his works in New York (the Neue Gallery is amazing) and it never fails to make my heart sing.

Here are some example of the works on display (Hoffman and Wagner are also well represented):

The Klimt works...... ay yai yai....



Of course I didn't escape the shop empty handed - although not all for me! I got the exhibit book for my gorgeous friend Kate (who I am hoping will get to Melbourne for this exhibit yet) and I did have a little gander in that. I do own many books on Klimt and will probably get the exhibition one but it can wait.

I did buy Creative, Inc. which I have seen before and regretted not buying:

and the latest Mike Perry book "Pulled" - I adore Mike's work!