I don't know why today is dragging on so slowly, especially given I have so much work to do (and have been since this morning). But here I am, at half-3 in the afternoon and it feels much later and I could really use a nap. What's with that?

I'm working on the book, getting text nailed down and trying to work out exactly what needs to go where and when. There's a lot to stay across. I have an innate need to be super-organised when working on this book - it's going to have my name on it, so I want it to be close to perfect. I hope I am not driving my poor editor bat-shit crazy in the process (sorry if I am, Bethany!). I am trying calm my inner need to have everything done NOW or YESTERDAY - process, Kass, process!! Not always easy in my world - my brain definitely runs much faster than my body and the world can keep up.

On a more personal note, I had to share this photo of my beautiful baby niece, Amelia. She is a month old and I took this photo of her with Hiptamatic the other day, whilst babysitting her. If you call holding/cuddling her for several hours babysitting. I call it bliss. She is about the sweetest little thing ever, but my nasty sister is again refusing to give me one her gorgeous children to keep (I've tried it with both nephews too, to no avail!)