meeting Lesley

Because I am in my own little world (Mum calls is dream land), it wasn't until about 6pm the night before the expo in Brisbane started that I realised one of my favourite international artists was attending and teaching. I knew the Textile Show was on next door and I love textile work, although lack talent in the area!

I was looking at the class lists and I said to the girls at the Expertise booth "oh did you know there's a wonderful American artist by the same name as this tutor, Lesley Riley". They looked at me bemused and said "it's the same one, silly!". Fair to say, there and then, I had a small coniption - how had I completely missed this information?! I was so excited - I've followed Lesley's work through blogs, websites and books for several years and had never been able to get to any of her previous Australian classes, so this was a little bit of a thrill!

It took me until Monday to finally stalk track Lesley down, but it was worth it. Apart from being strikingly beautiful, she is a delightful person who was very gracious about my excitement to meet her!! She then paid me a real compliment by coming around to see my booth later in the day (she got to see my work and meet my work experience girl Mum). I was so honoured - it made my whole weekend to meet Lesley, especially since it was so unexpected!

Lesley's website is HERE and I would definitely encourage you to check out her incredible back catalogue of work - it's inspiring to see. Thankyou Lesley for making this little Aussie lass beyond happy to be in your presence!