meet Jane Davenport

In case you don't know Jane Davenport, when you've finished reading this, you should go and check out her website. Jane had her stall diagonally behind mine at the Expo. When we were setting up, I could see her stall coming together thanks to her partner-in-crime, Angus. I immediately recognised her work from my blog hopping - Jane's work is whimsical, engaging and beautiful.

Over the course of the weekend I took every opportunity to hang out at Jane's booth and listen to her artist talks - they were funny, inspiring and incredible to watch. Jane's warm, sunny personality makes her immediately lovable. I basically spent all my play money with Jane, including a beautiful print and some fun art journal supplies. She has much of it for sale on her website and you KNOW your house needs some Jane Davenport in it!! 

Apart from meeting the (self-proclaimed) brains and braun of Jane's business (Angus of course!) - meeting Jane was a huge buzz for me. Someone as beautiful on the inside as out and whose talent is jaw-droppingly obvious - I am an unabashed fan and I know you will be too! I left Brisbane feeling as though I had made a new friend and found someone who understood so much of what it means to be an artist - kindred spirits, I'm sure.

Thankyou, Jane, for being the sunshine of my weekend!