not so arty

but really, it is - just not my art (for a change).

A couple of weeks back, my beloved Canon 350D DSLR, which has served me superbly and taught me so much about good photography, died. Like, just wouldn't turn on. I charged the battery, cleaned inside, did all the things my mate Google told me. But it was dead. And I did have a little tear over it. I have adored this cameraand it has travelled around Australia and the world with me.

I was planning to wait some before finding a new camera but something has come up that warrants a faster purchase. I had decided early that I wanted the Canon 60D: 

As I have a Sigma 18-200 lens I didn't need a kit, so got body only for $1080 which is a good price. So I am now exploring my new baby and you'll see the results in future blog posts no doubt!!

Last night, speaking of artists, I saw Eddie Vedder play at the Palais here in Melbourne. Don't you love that photo of him? For those not acquainted with the talents of Ed, he is of course the lead singer and songwriter for Pearl Jam, easily one of my all time favourite bands - have been for almost 20 years. I was surprised by the ticket for my birthday by one of my best friends, Veronica, and her equally Eddie loving mate Tanya. When Pearl Jam toured in 2009 here in Australia, on the day of the concert, I was hospitalised and missed out after looking forward to it for MONTHS. I was devastated! So the girls bought me a ticket for Eddie's solo show to make it up to me - how sweet is that?

The show was SENSATIONAL. Eddie's voice is a treat - and hearing it live really reinforces how vocally talented he is - his voice filled the Palais. It was a simple show, lots of chatter (which I enjoy) and....well the music, Pearl Jam and solo, speak for itself. It was a fantastic night (wish I was going again tonight) and I am looking forward to the forthcoming new work from Pearl Jam.

And Eddie, you are as sexy as ever!!