Friday Night

It's Friday night here in Melbourne and I am watching the disaster unfold after the Japanese earthquake. It is awful and really, 2011 has been pretty horrific for natural disasters around the world. Although I am no real "greenie", I do think we should be doing as much as we can to look after the Earth and not piss off Mother Nature!

I gave up my studio in the city last week. I loved it there and Matt from The Dwarf is a great guy. But I wasn't going in there much and it's silly to pay for a studio I don't go to even weekly. So I am back to working from home and so far it's working well - probably because I have a lot to keep me busy. 

I still feel completely unready for New Zealand next week but I know I have prepared well and it's only samples to display I need to do more of - I have about 25 so far. I can only do what I can do though. I've been unwell today - not the day to get a stomach bug. I've got the weekend though -  it's a long weekend here in Victoria. Looking forward to getting my art on.

And Monday is the birthday of my beloved. He is such a strength in my life.