I love when, reading other artist blogs, they offer a glimpse of their processes. Since I tend to show many pages from my art journals and skecthbooks, I thought you'd like to see a little of how I work.

I cannot work in just one journal. For me, I need different journals for different purposes. Those purposes often overlap! 

current workspacesAbove are the 5 books I currently work in. Three are Moleskine Watercolour journals (which are HALF the price we pay in Australia when you order from Dick Blick or Amazon) - 2 are the large notebook size and one is A4 (I have an A3 as well but haven't worked in that yet).

The middle one (above) if my Zentangle® fieldbook, given to me at CZT training, it's a Hand Book Journal and is where I have all my official Zentangle patterns hand-drawn, plus others from various websites.

(L-R) Zentangle fieldbook, art journal, watercolour sketchbookFinally, the red covered book is my 2011 diary. It comes from Typo and I love the feel of the faux leather.

However, the pages are thin and, well, rather boring and uninspiring:

yawn....So I decided to use it as a photojournal of my year....


Slap on some acrylic, some great photos and the daily diary becomes hellava more interesting to carry around!