I feel like I've abandoned my sketchbook in recent weeks - so caught up in Zentangle. I was talking on Twitter with the gorgeous Samantha Kira Harding yesterday about watercolours (she just bought her first proper travel set - life has irrevocably changed!) and it occurred to me last night that I love watercolours and sketching so much but I haven't been DOING it. 

So after a nap and some procrastination through the day, I just got in and DID something. This is the result:

watercolour, Micron pen, photographyI am definitely no expert with watercolour paints but I do really love them - I don't know how I will ever buy much in the way of acrylics again (let's face it, I don't need to anyway after last November's Dick Blick excursion in New York!). I'd love to become more expert. But, with all things art, it's all about practice, practice and more practice - very few people have the kind of natural talent that they are brilliant from day 1 - lots of people have natural ability - the brilliance comes from practice.

Sam, I can't wait to see what you do with your new set!