Happy Birthday to me.....

well, actually my birthday was three weeks ago and all I wanted was Amazon vouchers - my obsession with books is unending!

Today they arrived - and truthfully, the books are far more exciting than the vouchers!!

reading materialThe Creative Licence by Danny Gregory - one of my favourite artists. The image on the front page of his site is divine. I am looking forward to Danny posting more often after a tragedy in his life - we love you Danny!

New York Sketchbook by Fabrice Moireau - so you've read my blog and my obsession with New York? Do I need to explain further?

Creative Illustration Workshop for Mixed Media Artists by Katherine Dunn - this looks a treat!

Creative Paint Workshop for Mixed Media Artists by Ann Baldwin

Real Life Journals by Gwen Diehn - about making and using journals - this one will get close attention!

The Decorated Page also by Gwen Diehn - art journal pages = bliss.

The Awe-manac by Jill Badonsky - this looks like a lot of fun.

Print Workshop by Christine Schmidt - you'll recognise Christine's work from the Yellow Owl Workshop.

The True and the Questions by Sabrina Ward Harrison - I've always wanted to own her books, this is the first (but I suspect it wont be the last!). SWH is....well......sublime.

Water Paper Paint by Heather Smith Jones - I think this is the one I most looked forward to because watercolour is becoming such a central medium for me - I cannot wait to devour it.


I'll come up for air soon!