[blog feature] Lizzy House

this is the first  of a regular feature I am introducing to my blog. As much as I love sharing my own work with you all, I also love sharing the people who inspire me. So, on alternative Monday's I'll be introducing (re-acquainting?) you with some talented people who I hope you'll love as much as do!)

Lizzy House is an artist who I met and took a class with at The Creative Connection Event backin September. It was the only class I took and I was so pleased to do so as I love Lizzy's work.

Lizzy has a Bachelor of Fine Art in Printmaking and also is a successful textile designer. Her illustrations are adorable! I immediately liked Lizzy because of her dry humour and straightforward way - just my kinda girl!

Her class at TCC was called Illustrated Travel Journal and I thought it might be about travel in the formal sense. What Lizzy was really teaching us was to observe in our every day travels and illustrate it. Below are some photos from my illustrated journal in class.

Lizzy's blog is a really interesting and inspiring read - you'll really enjoy following her activities. AND she's on Twitter :) on you can buy her stuff here.


Lizzy's alphabet illustrationThe lady herself