"Zentangle® Untangled" available for pre-order!

Writing a book was always something I hoped to do. I threw my hat into the ring, earlier this year, with no great hope but with success - my book concept was accepted by North Light and I submitted my manuscript and close to 150 artworks in around 5 months. 

It was hard, HARD work. Harder than I ever imagined. 

I'm already plagued with self-doubt and release isn't until July 2012. So by then I should be decently wrecked! But it is done and suddenly it all seems very real!

My book is already available for pre-order!

Seeing these makes this all very REAL! I have seen the cover, I'm looking forward to that being added to the sites too. You can pre-order by clicking the links below:

Amazon US

Book Depository UK

Booktopia Australia

Borders Australia