the world of Dottie Angel

Have you heard of Dottie Angel?

Tif Fussell. Image via The Creative Connection Event website.I had not heard of this woman before The Creative Connection Event in September. I'm wondering how on earth that could be?! Dottie - the alter ego of Brit Tif Fussell - is a thrifty/crafty/handmade goddess! Tif now resides in Seattle.

It happened by chance that Tif was part of the Uppercase stand at the Handmade Marketplace. I must have come back and forward to that stand about six times over the course of the event, looking at all the goodness on offer and flipping through Tif's book, Dottie Angel (the peachy crafty world of Tif Fussell). I knew I wanted to buy it but kept telling myself "excess baggage Kass, you went too nuts at the Mall of America".

I was scanning my Facebook page during this time and my friend Ngaire mentioned that her copy of Dottie Angel had arrived at her house. After thinking "why hasn't anyone told me about this lady before now?", I knew what I had to do. It wasn't envy or anything nasty like that, but I knew right then that if I did not buy that book that moment, I would regret it and just end up buying it online when I got home.

So I went and introduced myself to Tif, told her about Ngaire's post on Facebook and that it was my sign that I needed to purchase there and then. Tif was SO lovely (and it was so nice to hear a non-American accent just or a moment :-) teehee) and she gave me a little something to give to Ngai as a thankyou for promoting her book purchase! How sweet was that?

With everything that has gone on since TCCE, I haven't had time to do more than flick through my copy. Until today. The sun is shining in Melbourne (at long last) so I sat in the back yard, took my copy with me and started reading. It is SO adorable. 

Apart from making me want to throw heaps of my stuff out and start thrift shopping instead, one of the things I am loving about Dottie Angel is the tacile nature of the book itself. The cover is just so lovely to hold and Tif has put a fabric Dottie Angel tag on the back of each one. The photography is amazing and makes you feel the pages.


If you are crafty, you should get this book. If you are into thrift/antique/found stuff, you should get this book. If you like old fashioned stuff, you should get this book.

And you should check out Tif online:

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