inspired by... Pearl Jam

my friend Veronica gave me the Pearl Jam 20 DVD recently and last night/this morning I finally sat and watched it. Veronica and I went to Uni together (many MANY years ago!) and one of the things that drew us together was our mutual love of Pearl Jam. We've been to concerts together and I was so happy to get the DVD as I wasn't able to see it at a cinema on September 20.

Since watching the DVD last night/this morning, I've been blaring Pearl Jam from my speakers at home and in the car. This is not an unusual occurence! But now I am making some art inspired by Eddie, Mike, Jeff, Stone and Matt..... here's a sneak peak:

Very different from my usual style (although a style I played with at Uni and got really good feedback on).

What music inspires you in your art making?