it's the new Somerset Studio!

Today was a Happy Mail Day because my copies of the latest Somerset Studio and Artful Blogging arrived. 

The first thing I noticed (and LOVED) is that for the November/December issue, the cover is NOT red, green and white. It's not a Christmas cover. I am SO happy about this - not because I am a Christmas grinch, but because those types of covers are often very predictable. Very traditional. And frankly boring to the eye. So I was delighted to be greeted with something so fresh looking. 

Somerset Studio as a magazine has been around for many years but only in the last couple has it come under the capable stewardship of Christen Olivarez. I met Christen in September at The Creative Connection (yes, everyone was there!) and she is a sweet girl. But under the friendly exterior is an extremely talented and competent young woman who has taken a well loved title and breathed new life into it. It has gone from strength to strength under her leadership.

A couple of hints of what is inside this gorgeous issue are below, as well as a picture of me with Christen.



article by Traci Bautista - her new book is out in January!

Artful Blogging is another Somerset publication which is a joy to the eyes. If you cannot afford to take a course like Blogging Your Way or similar but need blogging tips, get some copies of Artful Blogging because I think it showcases some of the simplest tools for a great blog - good, clean design and great photography. Of course, nothing is quite that simple but these are tools which prove successful for many and when you look at blogs featured in Artful Blogging, these factors are very obvious and a great examples of what to do and well. One day when I have this blog looking the way I want it to, I'd love to be in that magazine. It's on my list of things to achieve!