more book purchases

I know what you're thinking. Time to work in or own a bookshop, Kass? You might be right, but for now a Booklovers Anonymous meeting might be a good place to start?

I wanted to share some more books I've bought recently.

Like in the US, Borders has closed across Australia. Borders was one of my favourite places to hang out (although the price of books in this country leaves a LOT to be desired) and with their closure, another Australian book chain, Angus & Robertson, also closed down. This means many major shopping centres are now without any book shops. As a committed bibliophile, this causes me great anxiety to me!

However, in the city (Melbourne's CBD) there are still several bookshops and the biggest is Dymocks in Collins Street. I've always liked this store and visit when I get into town (which isn't very often). I've been there twice recently. Last week I bought the following:














Yesterday I was in town for a girls lunch, and had coffee with my Dad. My Dad works around the corner from a great bookshop at the top of Bourke Street called Hill of Content. They always have a really good range of art and craft books (amongst other interest areas) and I picked up this little gem there:

Last year in Brooklyn I picked up the sister title to this book, called GRAPHIC (which I blogged here). That is a great book (any book that lets me see how other artists work in their sketchbooks is an immediate fave of mine and this is one of the better ones). So I was pretty chuffed to see the new Steven Heller/Lita Talarico collaboration, Typography Sketchbooks. I think all us arty types have been doodlers and typography buffs since childhood - who of us didn't try to create interesting lettering in the margins of our diaries and school books?! There is some pretty serious talent happening in this book - I'll be poring overing it for hours to come, I know.

Then I returned to Dymocks to find some lighter reading. In a couple of weeks I'll be spending some time in hospital so I figured it was best to have some reading with me. I picked up these three:

Love, love, LOVE Jane Lynch. Can't wait to read this!Shatner. Boston Legal. Enough said!The newest Philippa Gregory novel. Am a huge fan of her Tudor Court novels!















Until then, I have lots of work to do. I'm also hoping to have some guest bloggers in the next few weeks which I hope you will enjoy!!