Mixed Media and Pinterest - guest post from Tamar Bostock

Today our guest blogger is Tamar Bostock, owner of Tarisota Collections. Tamar sells scrapbooking and mixed media products which are delightful additions to any crafters stash. 


Hi I am Tamar, and today as a guest for Kass I wanted to share my love of pinterest and mixed media with you.

I'm mostly a scrapbooker and I dabble in mixed media and art journalling bits. I wish I had more talent to draw but you get the talent you get and I missed that one.

I'm currently in a situation where I will have some more time to hone my mixed media skills and I decided I needed a place to start so I am curating a board on pinterest.

I think as people who like to create we can sometimes get lost in the need to make every piece new and different from anything else. Don't get me wrong there's certainly  room for that and some people just ooze talent and the ability to do so. However there is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from a piece of art and recreating it. It can be a great place to start when you are stuck. Provided of course that the work is just for your satisfaction.

If you haven't already succumbed to the pinterest love, it's worth a look. Basically it's just a virtual pinboard where you can gather links through pictures in one spot. I wrote a blog post about the how to's of Pinterest some time back here.

Currently one of the boards I'm working on is called Art I'm Loving: http://pinterest.com/tarisota/art-i-m-loving/

As you can see from this I'm into the whimsical girly looks, with lots of neutral tones and pops of aqua and red.

The great thing about a pinterest board is you keep the original link to the image as well. I often pin from etsy, blog, favourite websites and of course I also just repin from inside pinterest.

I'm hoping to start on a new pice in the next two weeks based on some inspiration I have gathered here. Maybe pop over to my blog in a fortnights time and see if have managed to get started!   You can find me here.

Thanks Kass for having me as a guest blogger .  Be back with us all soon :)



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