Make a Tag Book of Your Year - guest post from Cathy Zielske

I can't think of anyone better to kickstart my week of guest blog posts than the beautiful, talented, hilarious and wonderful Cathy Zielske. I first knew of Cathy when I was a scrapbooker, many years ago now, and faithfully have followed her blog since. Even though I no longer scrapbook, Cathy's blog is so fun, so funny - it's really worth seeing regardless of your creative interests. 

Cathy and Kass - 2006Cathy came to Australia in 2006 and we immediately bonded and have stayed friends ever since. Lucky me, she is as fabulous in person as online. And recently I got to see her again at The Creative Connection Event (see this blog post). Uber fabulous again.

Fast forward a month and Cathy has kindly put together this guest post while I am out of action. Thankyou, CZ, for sharing your talent and being a wonderful friend. And readers, enjoy!




In February 2008, I shared a project with my blog readers called the “Month of Super Short Stories Tag Book 

In the years that have passed, this project stands out as one of my most favorite mini books of all time, and trust me, I’ve made a boatload of ‘em.

I guess it’s something about seeing your daily life in a hand held form, with cute pieces of patterned paper and other odds and ends that reminds me what it is about memory keeping that I love so much.

Looking back through this books serves as a time capsule for my life in the late winter (on our side of the world!) in February of 2008. Because it’s simply a documentation of the daily grind, it gives me a very clear picture of the little stuff that made up my life at that time. And, it connects me to my life today, and shows me things that have changed, and things that definitely have stayed the same. Here’s a peek at a few of my tags:

This is a project that can take any direction you like. You can build your tag cover out of regular cardboard and take it from there.

Today, I’m happy to share my tag files on Kass’ blog. I know some of you may be readers who remember this project from my original post, but if not, I invite you to grab some cardstock, download these printable PDFs and start where ever you are. You can make tags every day for one month, or you can make a few tags here and there for months on end. It’s your call.

Maybe you could target November, or December as your month, adding a holiday twist to the project. Or possibly start in January, and document the first month of the new year. Whatever you decide, enjoy the process of documenting the every day, in tag form.

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