you just never know where you'll find one!

Today I spent the day at the hospital having a scan before next week. This scan has to be done periodically over 4 hours so I have quite a bit of time to fill in between scans.

There was an "older" couple (and I do hope you know I say that with great respect!) in the waiting room and as I sat and drew in my Moleskine (see a little snippit to the right), the lady said to me "what are you doing there?" and I replied "I'm just doing a drawing".

She said, "Is that a Zendoodle?"

I almost leaped into her lap for a cuddle!

I explained that it was a Zentangle Inspired artwork for my book and that I am a CZT. She was interested to know more and I asked her how she learned about Zentangle.

She replied that she had read about it in a magazine, had been doodling for years (!) and had got online to find out more (she'd had her daughter set her up on the internet!). 

Isn't that just the coolest thing? She's from a small town in Gippsland, Victoria and here we are in a hospital waiting room, randomly acquainting and she knows about Zentangle! I was just so exciting. I was thrilled - you just never know where you'll find a fellow 'tangler' - anywhere in the world!