The Beauty of Different

One of the really rewarding parts of attending the Creative Connection last month was discovering women who I'd never heard of before but who I came away from adoring.

Karen Walrond is one of those people.

When I first saw Karen, I was struck immediately by her beauty. I'm a married woman but I like to think I can acknowledge true beauty when I see it and it stood in front of me when I saw Karen. What was especially delightful was that I discovered she was beautiful from the inside out. I was listening to her speak with the other beautiful girls at the VIP Breakfast - the one where I professed my crush on Kelly Rae Roberts! - and I was just enamoured by Karen's sense of real life, the realities of creative entreprenuership and her incredible passion and spirit. 

I immediately went down to the book store at the Market Place to buy Karen's book - The Beauty of Different - but it was sold out! So I ordered it online when I got home and today, at last, it arrived.

Not sure what adjectives I can use to describe this beautiful book. Sublime. Visual deliciousness. Enchanting.

Karen's photography is incredible - the detail she captures in her lens is quite enthralling. I wish I could do what she does even a tenth as well.

What is also so amazing is the words than accompany the images - inspiring, real, words than come from within.

I haven't even finished it yet but I feel strongly that every woman should own this book. Mothers should give copies to their daughters. Sisters should share it. You really do need this.

Karen has a great blog which you should visit and bookmark. You can also follow her on Twitter via her handle @Chookaloonks.