old friends are good friends

me and my gal CZOne of the really awesome parts of The Creative Connection was seeing some old friends. Back in my scrapbooking days, some of my big influences were the women associated with Simple Scrapbooks magazine. When they came out to Australia to teach, I made some real friends and I cherished the opportunity to see them again!

The first is the always awesome Cathy Zielske. Anyone who follows Cathy's blog, has taken a class, read her articles or just met her knows - this woman is ACE. She's funny, she's smart and she's talented at all she does. Her blog posts regularly make me laugh out loud. And she's a loyal and great mate. 

On the Friday, Cathy was helping out in the marketplace on the Big Picture Classes booth. I arrived late that day due to jetlag (it kicked my butt in a serious way the night before) and I was walking towards the marketplace when Cathy, her cutie-pie daughter Aidan and Stacy Julian walked towards me and there was mutual cheers when we all met! YAY! It was lunchtime, so I got to sit with the ladies at lunch (including gorgeous Wendy Smedley) which made me feel somewhat celebrity. It was sooooo good to just sit, chat, catch up....like regular folks do. And as ever, the Zielske ladies kept me laughing which was exactly what I needed that day!

There is something about seeing people who know you, especially so far from home, who get you. It's invigorating. Especially when you're feeling a little alone (despite being surrounded by friends old and new).

Stacy J and me (why do I look so stunned?)Aidan - a little taller than last I saw her in 2006!















Stacy Julian is another of these friends. Whenever I send an email asking questions, she answers. She was the founder of Simple Scrapbooks and her book Big Picture Scrapbooking went a LONG way to altering my approach to scrapbooking, art and life in general. She's an incredibly generous person and one I love seeing and listening to - her story and her attitude to life is genuinely inspiring. 

And then there is her business partner and offsider - Ms Kayce Rehn. Kayce is an incredible young woman - she has to be for Stacy Julian to go into business with her! She came to Australia with Stacy back in 2007 and we've been friends since. She is such a smart, focussed girl and so much fun, so kind to boot. It couldn't be right to not have some fun together!

What was REALLY fun was that Big Picture had a photo booth for peeps to jump in. I am TOTALLY up for photobooths, they are awesome fun and Kayce and I were definitely up to the task!