new art books to devour!

For Christmas, my Dad and sister gave me Amazon vouchers (which I had asked for). Today my parcel arrived and I am in the blissful, heaven-like state of books!

I adore Danny Gregory's website, not only is it a moving insight into his life in recent years but his wonderful illustrations. Danny is/was an advertising executive in New York and I visit his blog regularly. 

An A3 Watercolour Moleskine Journal - now I don't normally express political opinion on my blog, even if I do hold strong views on most things! - but this cost $27USD. In Australia it would cost around $87. How is it that retailers in this country think they are competitive? And where do they get off arguing that online shoppers should be subject to GST for items under $1000? Perhaps what Australia needs to do is look more closely at the reason these items cost so much in this country - wage costs, the outrageous price of electricity and insurance, the blatant rip off of Australia Post and other postal services in what they charge for shipping and the overwhelming desire for these retailers to mega-rich ahead of customer service (which is disgraceful in this country) and competitive pricing. This journal should not cost $87 in ANY country - that's pure profiteering and frankly, those complaining need to get a grip on themselves!


I was looking forward to this book and I was not disappointed. I always travel with sketching supplies (not that this stops me from buying more) and the work in it is pretty special and inspiring!! I'd love to take a workshop with Mari one day.

No big surprises with this book - I am a complete and total sucker for books which peek inside the sketchbooks of other artists - you learn so much from them! Sketchbook Confidential is wonderful - really arty and simple, which is great, and it sives a short insight from the artists about what they sketch and why, which is also a tremendous treat for people like me. I am an art journal/sketchbook voyeur - love love LOVE seeing what other people do in their and get ideas for my own (and some courage too!).

This book has been the pick so far in terms of providing something different. Lisa L. Cyr's book is, apart from being beautiful to look at and absorb, actually different because it promises alternative approaches and delivers them. So many of these books promise so much, look great but substance wise lack something. Not this one. It provides history and context, as well as some applications which I haven't seen before or which are a new approach. I love it and, while I'm sure it'll take me AGES to read it cover to cover, I suspect it will be the one I gain most from long term. Well done Lisa!

And last but not least:

I am really looking forward to this book because I know I can apply much of what is in it to my own art journalling work. I looked at this book while in New York and regretted not buying it so it was an easy choice to make. I love the idea of including photography, poetry and mixed media in my journals - I definitely already include the first and last but have never written poetry. So that will be a welcome challenge!

So there you have it - a major spend up! All up just over $100US for all of it, plus postage. But if I'd bought all of this here, it would have been easily $300 so I think I've not only bought well but proven why the greedy retailers are completely off the mark!

Happy weekend!