Time to Emancipate

I haven't fallen away - I've just been busy. Busy trying not to collapse in the heat (high 30s celcius....I start to wilt anything much above 30) and today my new printer/scanner decided it didn't like being wireless anymore. After many hours trying to troubleshoot, I've resorted to the USB connector - I just didn't feel like arguing!!

The past few days have been interesting to say the least. My first Zentangle® class was on Saturday and I had three lovely ladies join me. Small group but I would say VERY successful and I felt fantastic afterwards. So did the girls and I think taking the class with a CZT is a real bonus because you learn the meaning of what Zentangle is about and more about the meditative process. You don't just learn how, you learn WHY - that's what makes a CZT different. 

One of the other interesting things over the past few days is that my mind has been in overdrive, creatively, but I have felt completely unable to do anything. I get my journals out, I have looked through magazines, I've tried writing - but nothing is coming out. This journal page, which I made last week, really relfects my feelings right now. The line "time to emancipate" is from my favourite Pearl Jam song, Rearviewmirror, and the photo is scanned and played with from a cool magazine I found randomly in a shop. I wish I had recorded which magazine it was.

I'm not sure what I want to be emancipated from - I am following my artistic dreams and have the love and support of my husband, family and friends. I have opportunities arising which are beyond my wildest dreams. Yet I feel like something isn't right and all I want to do is run. Run from what? Run to what? I don't know - nothing seems obvious at the moment. I'm not sure what I am searching for which makes it hard to know when I've found it. I have to trust that I'll just "know".

All I do know is that this is all swirling around in my head and I can't get it out onto the page. 

I just hope being a little bit nuts reflects artistic genius - somewhere in me. Otherwise I'm stuffed!! HA :)