the possibilities...

...are endless for the future, but I am trying to narrow them down this week! As well as continuing (with mixed success) with trying printmaking techniques, I am also thinking a little further ahead. And it's leading me back to skilling up and learning.

I'm considering applying for a Masters. Probably in Fine Arts (Research). It's really scary but exhilarating. 

I went and checked out Monash University today and it was fantastic. There are also excellent programs at VCA, RMIT and UTAS so I have a lot of research to do about where I am best suited and work hard to develop my skills and portfolio, to get in. I think I am looking at mid 2011 or 2012 entry at best (life going well in between times). 

It also gives me a great focus for my trip to NY next month - I'll be looking for printmaking galleries and studios to get some ideas and perhaps some inspiration for a research degree. I am already considering some ideas but I guess we'll see.

In the meantime, I stuffed up a linocut I started last night tonight - I knew it might be a bit tricky. Live and learn, right?

Less than a month til the Zentangle CZT Workshop in Massachusetts, I cannot wait!!