I don't mean to neglect my personal blog! I promise! I'll add some photos tomorrow when I am at Yarraville Market, where I have my stall. I have made some beautiful new things (can I say that about my own work?) which I hope are very popular. I've been working hard on those.

I've been working hard on made'n'found too - that's where all my energy has been actually. Today, I have NO energy. One of those days where I have a strong case of the CBFs!! I actually smacked myself in the nose the other day while shopping. Instead of putting my bags down to lift my shoulder bag over my head, I just tried to do it with my hands full. A heavy box I'd bought swung into my nose. It is not broken but it was swollen and I now have lovely black rings under my eyes! Gorgeous!! That and just hard work had me just not feel bothered today. I did get in and finish some brooches, magnets and pendants for tomorrow though - sometimes you just have to suck it up, right?!

Working for oneself is hard work. People who think it's easy clearly haven't done it. Particularly in the arts field, where so much of what we do is subjective and openly criticised, it is tough succeeding and establishing oneself. For me, though, it is so worth it. The little wins I have had for made'n'found have been very personally rewarding. I'm hopeful the business will succeed financially too - for the sake of handmade in Australia, more than myself. I have big dreams for it over the coming couple of years. 

Being artistically motivated doesn't happen on schedule either. I set myself to-do lists and sometimes I achieve what I want to. But there are times where my focus is creative rather than business orientated. That's a tough balance but I do my best. I am sure as I settle into the new studio this week that will become a bit easier.

Balance is important to me. Art is VERY important to me. As a three-time cancer survivor, life does not need to remind me of it's short length! Being happy is so important and working hard comes with that for me. But I do have days, like today, where I just want to shut down a bit. Today I have done that and I know tomorrow I will be bursting with energy as a result. And life, love, business will go on - up up and away!