more Tim Burton

I was so excited yesterday to pick up my copy of "The Art of Tim Burton" from ACMI, which I ordered quite a while back (after not being able to secure one at MoMA last December). It features more than 1000 of Tim's illustrations. I absolutely adore his art - while I find his films a little hit and miss (I sometimes think I am too sane to fully appreciate them), his drawings are inspirational beyond words. I am not even half way through looking at the book and I will no doubt be re-examining them many, many times into the future. It's amazing. If you haven't yet, get yourself to ACMI in Melbourne to see the wonderful exhibition, it closes in October and no matter where you are, it is worth the trip!

Otherwise I am busily readying myself for Yarraville Markets this weekend - I'll be there both days. I'm trying new things and generally enjoying life!