I treated myself to some screenprinting essentials today after having a PET scan. The scan was fine but 3 hours of lying still after fasting (and the smell of coffee wafting down the hall!) was excuse enough - and after the classes with Harvest Textiles, I needed no further encouragement! So off I went to my favourite art store in Melbourne, Melbourne Artists Supplies (in Little Latrobe Street).

So I bought 2 screens - one for fabric printing, one for paper printing (the mesh is different for these even though it doesn't look like it in the photo!), some basic colours (I have black and white already and some small sample type pots I got in my starter kit which I bought a few months ago), a squeegie and some mixed media paper. Maybe I'll try some posters out at the next Yarraville Markets!?

I also bought two new books today (have you worked out yet that I am a bibliophile of the highest order?). The first is this one:

Design Parts Sourcebook: Romantic


Devils in the Detail: A Style Guide to Patterns and Applications

The second features patterns from Ink & Spindle's Lara Cameron - Lara's reputation continues to go from strength the strength internationally, we are so lucky to have her at our doorstep!

I can't wait to get stuck into this tonight and tomorrow. <insert happy artist girl here>