more screenprinting!

happy new week!

It seems things are a little chaotic politically - what a fascinating result we've had there! It will be interesting to see how things pan out and how long a minority government can last.... 

I spent Election Day at the second screenprinting class at Harvest Textiles. It was equally as inspiring and the photos below will show you why! Bit first:















so these are photos of the stencil design and cuttong process - this one was particularly detailed and it was important to get the measurements exactly right. You'll see why that was important (and not 100% successful) in a moment.

The theme of the second class was to create an ongoing pattern process. Looking at the handout Lara gave us, I have to admit I was a tad confused. That's not unusual with me though! I finally cottoned on to how it worked and watching it happen was like magic!

This is my pattern from above:














so you can see why it was so important to get those details right because they are slightly off! HOWEVER, it was a fantastic learning experience in printing for me so well worth the experiment!! I kinda dont mind the slight wonky-ness of it - it shows it's handmade!

Some of the other students did some INCREDIBLE work, several are graphic designers and you can TELL. Enjoy the work of my lovely classmates:

(the purple one on the right that looks like a Fruit Tingle is mine ;) )


(doesn't the white look fantastic on the coloured cotton)


(I think this was my favourite, the type freak in me loves it)


and some stencils drying...


So there you have it, my first real screenprinting - it will not be the last! I adore printing, I feel most at home with this type of work and hope to really refine my skills. I would love to work with some other printers in Melbourne and collaborate and learn from them. Anyone out there?