one of those days

What a great photo (click on it to go to the original blog I got it from) - it really sums up my feelings today. I had big plans for today - a huge clean up of my home studio and dining table. Some design work on the iMac. Enjoy a day at home with my husband and the pugs.

So what happened?

I think most artists can relate to these days cropping up from time to time. Motivation was lacking absolutely zero. Minus some. I could not get into my groove at all. I have so many ideas in my mind, I've got a heap of work to do for made'n'found.... but I just feel nothing today. I love what I do and I love being self-employed, self-reliant. Except some days it is lonely stuff and hard to get yourself there. I hoped that being in the studio space might help that but so far it's pretty quiet there. I would love to have someone to collaborate with or a job to do for someone, so that I have some purpose other than my own self belief!! Selfish musings today but it's just one of those days.

There is nothing wrong - nothing has upset me, no-one has said the wrong thing. I think I just need something to light a spark under me!! I am sure that will come, and there's no question I am BURSTING for Saturday's second part of the screenprinting class with Harvest Textiles. I can really hardly wait at all! And I got a little burst of energy late today with the arrival of Issue 3 of Extra Curricular, a great New Zealand craft mag. It makes me want to go and check out the crafty scene in NZ today! I would love to somehow get a copy of issue #1 (I have #2) but I think it's unlikely - it's a limited run mag!

I also got a book called Craft Corps by Vickie Howell which looks like good reading and might just be the motivation I need to get into it. Sometimes I think my biggest problem is having too many artistic choices! Is that a problem for others as well? How do you overcome this range of choices? How do you stay motivated? I know others feel this sometimes. 

I'd love other people's thoughts on this - it is so soothing to hear others have felt this way sometimes.

We do have a little to celebrate in my family at the moment. I have reached a very important milestone - 20 years since my first (of three) cancer diagnosis. Back in August 1990, I don't think any of us thought I would still be here in 2010! But I am. I have so much to be grateful for too.






and while cancer has taken much from me - parts of my body, wonderful friends most of all - I have gained so much more than I might have without it. I don't know if I'd ever say I am glad it happened. But I am so grateful for all I have gained as a result. And mainly I am just glad to be here to complain about my lousy day! I think I'm allowed to compain this one time!!