screenprinting class

When I figure out how to get photos from my iPhone onto my laptop (which for reasons known only to my past doesn't have iPhoto on it), I'll add some photos of my achievement today at my screenprinting class at Harvest Textiles. It was fantastic - incredibly inspiring and motivating. I really only was happy to come home at 4pm because I am so tired, my poor eyes couldn't take much more! Stimulation overload!!

The lovely Lara Davies is our teacher and her patience is boundless - reason #27564 why I am no longer a teacher! While I have done stencil printing before and knew the process, I learned SO much today - about the types of inks and textiles that work and how, even just about how to drag the ink across the screen. It was so much fun and the talent of the others in the class was humbling and inspiring. I was so impressed! I am really looking forward to next weeks follow up class - and it's a great way to spend election day until the tallyroom hots up after 6pm!

I'm looking forward to spending some quality time in my studio this week - headache allowing. Why do those things always strike at the worst time?! I am really keen to do some drawing and small prints this week. 

Not much else to tell you right now, I have my niece's 1st birthday party tomorrow and I have bought her a fantastic, industrial strength cardboard baby doll cradle. I picked it up at Magnolia Square last week and I think it will be a hit (and enviro friendly too so it's a win all round!). 

See you this week!