there is so much happening!

living a creative life has so much going for it - being oneself and being happy is so important. But it also means that, when you're working for yourself, you work SO much harder to establish yourself and maintain a place within the art community, the craft community and online!

Over the weekend I got the made'n'found website up and running, which I am very proud of. It is still in progress and will be added to constantly, but it's there and serving it's purpose.

I'm also collecting furniture and the like for the move into the Northcote studio. I'm anticipating the move in date being 1 August. I've got a trestle table here which I will take with me (and get a new, clean one for the sewing room my current studio will become!) and some little Ikea side tables. There was a really rad bookshelf at Ikea I wanted too but at 2m high, we couldn't fit the box into the car! So I will have to wait and get that delivered or hope some kind person will lend me their ute or truck or something!!

I have so many ideas floating in my head, including some spray paint work I want to do and more drawing. I can barely wait til I get into the space.