the state of my play zone

gorgeous German made Angora watercolours - bought these in the USOne of the things I like to do is experiment with my materials and test them out, so that I have a reference book when I am looking for a particular effect/colour/technique. I've got a regular A4 visual diary for this (and another for rubber stamp images) and I've found this really effective. It's also really fun to play like this and see what happens!!

Does anyone else do this?

In my book I have pencil tests, mediums, paints (acrylic, watercolour, gouache and oil), inks and more.

Most people who know me know I have WAY too much supplies wise - I love art supplies (and paper - which I guess goes hand in hand?). I'm actually going to have a big clean out over Christmas and purge - some will get chucked, some given to friends who I know will use them. I really need to streamline and be fair dinkum with myself about what I use and what just looks pretty.

Derwent pencils - graphtint and metallics.