expanding the library

one thing that everyone knows about me is that I love books. I buy them constantly - art books, novels, histories - almost anything. I adore books. I never throuw them out either, and my husband will be able to establish a library in my name when I am dead and gone one day!!

So when I come to the United States I always end up buying books. This is not good luggage wise but it is fantastic for me. With the Aussie dollar so strong right now, I have been able to buy books at half the price I would in Australia or even better. So it's no surprise that, in the space of about 4 days, I have bought 11 books. Yep, eleven. I don't get home til November 11th so that number is most likely to grow - if Michael doesn't have a breakdown when he sees what I already have!

This is the one I am studying carefully tonight and it has a comprehensive listing of all the GOOD markets in Manhattan and Brooklyn, here in New York. While I knew I would never see them all, this book has made it VERY clear that I'd need a year of weekends to see just the GOOD markets, so I am going to see what I can tomorrow! 

Markets of New York City also has a great website which is worth perusing.














And then there's the art books. I started out looking for cool pattern books that I could use for inspiration for Zentangle® and my screen printing. Japanese patterns are brilliant for this, and so is this book:

I also saw this little gem and, with one of my "bucket list" items ticked off this week (seeing a Yankees game at Yankee Stadium), this is inspiration for another - one day I am going to see Cuba.


The problem with Barnes and Noble on Union Square is that it is SO big and has SUCH a diverse range - I know better than to go there but I cannot help myself. They have an enormous range at that store (it's 4 or 5 storeys high). The floodgates opened!

so these two are from the same publishers and are both fantastic books - both artists also have great blogs which I check out from time to time: Carla Sondheim (author of Drawing Lab) and Bee Shay (author of Collage Lab).

And then there's that little obsession I have with art journalling - especially books that inspire me to do it more and be fearless in what I do. LK Ludwig has been a long time inspiration to me - her book True Vision is beautiful and oft referred to. On the other hand I had not hear of the Journal Fodder Junkies before but I am sure glad I have now! Their book is all kinds of awesome and so is their blog. This is a new book out and I really recommend it.

On the more illustrative side of things, I picked up these:

This book is a collaborative effort bringing together 100 artists in collaboration. Split into groups, one artist draws an element and then passes it to the next, who adds their magic and sends it along, and so on. It's hard to describe the coolness of this book without you seeing it so if you can get your hands on it, do so. It includes the work of Mike Perry (who is a cool illustrator/typographer/pattern designer) and The Little Friends of Printmaking, whose work I think is pretty rad.

And then there is The Rest Is Up To You.

I think the concept behind this book is quite simple yet so brilliant - I had to own it. Cohen Morano is third-grader in the USA who loves playing with his watercolours. His Dad decided to send them to different artists to "add to" and the result is collaborations with some of the world's best known contemporary artists. 

And you know what? It's pretty darn awesome!









my interest in Zines continues and when I saw this book at MoMA yesterday, I knew I had to have it. This book book "Whacha mean, what's a Zine?" is a fantastic book which talks about what zines are and how to make them. I taught my students to make zines when I was a pre-service teacher and they loved it, and I love looking at them (love me the Sticky Institute in Melbourne). If you love making zines then I strongly suggest you get yourself onto Amazon and get this beauty.

and then finally, I saw this little crackerjack and cannot resist a book I can draw in which doesn't make me start on a blank page!! The New York Note Book has heaps of cool images, quirky bits of NY information and tips and the like and the idea is to journal and draw straight into it. Lonely Planet EAT YOUR HEART OUT - this is the perfect companion to a trip to NYC!














So there you have it - a little light reading!!

I'll return with more NY tidbits when I can!!